CYCLON 700x23C foldable/red


Massi's flagship high performance road race tire. TT compound offers incredible low rolling resistence and lightweight.
Its high qualitty sidewalls are supple and provide excepcional grip in wet and dry conditions.


Weight 190g
TT compound is a mix of rubbers aimed to achieve the best performance of the tire. Compounds of different hardness (from 60 to 51A) have been combined from the tire bead to the shoulders to get the perfect tire. The main achievements are: a low rolling resistance, without compromising the durability of the tire, and a optimized grip, especially in the toughtest corners.
A high density Nylon carcass has been combined with a special rubber compound to improve the tire wall puncture resistance.
Slick type tire evolved from the Slick Comp. The compound on the wall has been replaced for another of low hardness to improve the lateral grip.

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