THUNDER 26x2.50 DH


Thunder is a fast rolling low drag tire for dry and hard packed canditions.
Its central section rolls smoothly and fast, while the heavier treaded shoulders provide necessary grip in the dirt. Reinforced sidewalls stands up to tough off-road use.


Specifications Size: 26x2.50
Bead: Rigid
Color: Black
Bar: 2.5 - 4.5
Psi: 35 - 65
tpi: 33
Weight 923g
Developed from our bulletproof DT compound, the RT is the perfect solution for the most demanding riders. A special soft compound has been applied to the side knobs to improve the lateral grip of the tire.
Intermediate layer of rubber that reinforces the tire wall and enhances the puncture protection.
No extra rubber is placed on the tire wall; as a result, the whole tire is mores light and flexible, boosting both comfort and confidence while riding.

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