PRO SL 27.5 Elite 1x12


PRO SL 27.5 Elite 1x12
Yesterday Today and Tomorrow. The PRO SL 27.5 has given us so many joys in the UCI circuit, that we do not want to stop producing it in order to share it with you.


 Shifters SRAM Eagle NX
 Saddle MASSI Prorace
 Wheels MASSI Black Gold 2
 Brakes SHIMANO M6000
 Seat Post MASSI MSP-110
 Pedals MASSI
 Tire MASSI Avalanche Skinwall
 Stem MASSI MST-515
 Frame CARBON Monocoque UHM
 Rear Derailleur SRAM Eagle NX
 Piñon cassette SR 12v 11-50T
 Chainwheel SHIMANO / MASSI
 Handlebar MASSI MHB-703


Advanced Custom Carbon Tech manufacture process is the result of more than 30 years of experience in the production of frames for the most demanding professional riders. Advanced Custom Carbon Tech manufacturing is focused on quality. All the production steps are closely monitored and always controlled by a quality control check. Traceability of all our carbon fibers is also a way to certificate the origin and the high specs of our raw materials
UHM Unidirectional
Unidirectional carbon layers with an optimized strength-weight ratio to achieve the maximum frame rigidity. Toray UHM layers meet the toughest fatigue resistance tests and ensure the excellent level of reliability of all our frames.
SL Superlight
An exclusive mix of carbon and resin during the lay-up process achieves an amazing lightness of our higher range frames. This know-how belongs to Massi and it is the result of our long experience in carbon frames..
Our unique manufacturing techniques eliminate the imperfections on the inner of the carbon tubes, ensuring a smooth surface free from defects. The result is an optimized rigidity-weight ratio and an increased fatigue resistance.
Carbon Dropout
Evolution of the SSD system where the aluminium dropout is replaced by another one made of carbon to achieve a higher rigidity and lighter weight.
BB Carbon Bottom Bracket
BB shell fully manufactured in High-Modulus UHM carbon. Weight saving without compromising the rigidity of the frame. Shimano Press Fit compatible.
Evolution of the ODB system to increase the rigidity and to improve the performance of the steering thanks to the tapered head tube 1 1/8-1.5.
Frames featuring Twin-Sys technology may equip either mechanical or electronic groupsets. Changing from one system to another is quick and easy
The rear axle has been upgraded to a 12x142mm thru-axle. The main advantages of the R12 system are an improvement of the stiffness of the rear stay and a notably decrease of the torsional stress on the rear stay.
Direct Fit
Direct Fit frames feature a post-mount standard fitting for the rear disc brake caliper. The rigidity of the assembly is improved compared to the traditional IS standard caliper mounting systems and brake efficiency is optimized.
The brake hydraulic house is routed inside the seat stay for an improved protection and to achieve a neat and clean good looking frame.
The Internal Cable Routing allows us to save weight and to protect the wires from the external environmental aggressions.
Evolution of the ICR system that integrates the cables into the chain stay.

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